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Giant Twister Board!

This looks cool… http://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-Yard-Twister-Board/?ALLSTEPS.  Something to save for later.


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Neat tip for a natural air freshener… http://smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.ca/2012/03/easy-baking-soda-air-freshener-tutorial.html

And my house is on the market (finally).  I have been talking about it for a very long time (Since 2010!)

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Mrs. January is Awesome

My sister turned me on to Mrs. January last Christmas.  www.mrsjanuary.com is the place to go for Canadian coupon deals.  She’s pretty fantastic.  Today’s post is called 50 Organizing Hacks that will improve your life.  Really neat stuff – why didn’t I think to store sheet sets inside their matching pillows?  (My Mom says – because you don’t own a sheet set – HA!  She’s right – and that’s another story, but it is still a great idea).

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I had grand plans a year or so ago to change cities.  Things were ok at work.  My house was too small.  I’m too far away from my family.  I’m still too far away from family, but work has improved dramatically, and I think I’m going to stay put here in Big City, Ontario.  But I’m going to get a bigger place.  As a result, my house is in a turmoil of “get ready to sell”.  It will be very sad to hand over the keys, but I’m ready. 


  • Get a storage unit – complete.  There are about eight bins of stuff there already.
  • Box stuff up – in progress.  I boxed up the bookshelves last night.  Nine boxes.  Not all books, but that’s crazy.
  • Move it to storage.  (seems obvious, but if you saw the box wall thing I’ve got going on right now, you’d see why I’ve put it on the list)
  • Purge.  Also in progress.  But hampered by the fact that I’m looking for a bigger place so I think I’ll have room there…and I might need it. 
  • Furniture in storage.  I’ve got a few too many pieces for the space to look appealing to a buyer.  Have to figure out what stays and what doesn’t. 
  • Clean.  I’m not the world’s best cleaner (understatement of the world – I’m a horrible housekeeper) so I think I’ll hire some help. 
  • Giveaways.  I have a dresser I rescued from the garbage that doesn’t match my stuff.  (but it could go in the new spare room… hrm…
  • Stage.  Put more stuff away.
  • Paint.  I never really finished painting the kitchen two years ago.  Fine for me.  But I bet a prospective buyer is going to notice.

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I’ve been thinking about Christmas for a while (what knitter hasn’t?) and what I’m making for people … but my sister just asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I’m stumped.  I had the same dillemma in 2009 and the list I made then was greatfully received by family, and I was very happy to get things I really wanted.  For 2011, I would prefer things that don’t take up a lot of space. 

Ideas (and I repeat – these are just ideas, not demands for stuff.  I really would rather just spend quality time with family and friends!):

  • I have a new job – Mom, did I tell you that?  (this is a test of the does your Mother really read your blog system)  Yesterday it was made official – promoted!  I think I need clothes.  I like Reitmans.  A Reitmans gift certificate would be lovely.
  • I love my iPhone and I’ve been stingy and only getting free apps.  An iTunes Gift Certificate would be really nice.
  • A nice new thick camping sleeping pad.  But a nice one like this one or this one.  Or someone to fix the broken buckle on the other one.
  • I really think these are cool: See Day 10 Here The Pottery Yarn Bowl is beautiful.  And I would really like it.  But I would never buy one for myself. 
  • While you’re there… The Yarn Harlot (my favourite knitting blog) has been doing a series called “Gifts for Knitters”.  It is 25 days of things a Non-Knitter who Loves a Knitter can do for their Knitter.  This is day 1Day 12 covers stocking stuffers – I’m always needing (losing!) darning needles and measuring tapes.
  • Did I tell you I bought myself a Guitar?  At Value Village.  I think I’d like lessons. 
  • Cutlery – I am still using the Value Village mishmash of cutlerly that I acquired from 1994 through 2004.  Stuff that is all the same – but with knives that aren’t too heavy – would be cool!
  • More printed/framed photos of the kiddos – especially when Niece starts taking Ballet Lessons.  (this is my favourite idea of all!)

I’ll think some more on the thing… but that’ll be a good start.

Merry Christmas

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Pink Guitars

Hi Blog (which I have been ignoring – partly because my Mom is reading it and it is tough to be open about the Christmas prezzies I’m making – and partly because I’ve been doing other stuff).

So I was in Value Village last night… and I’ve recently kind of been interested in playing the guitar … and there was this pink one there… and I bought it.  Seriously.  On the advice of another patron who had been playing it, and who said it was a decent beginner instrument, definitely worth the $20 + $8 for new strings.  Hi Mom!

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Five Minutes

Every now and again an idea so simple, and yet so earth shattering (and so obvious) comes along that you wonder what you were thinking doing things any other way. 

I’ve started leaving the house five minutes early.  That’s the big idea.  Five minutes.

Before you say “Ok Cara, you’re a crazy person”, hear me out.  I’ve tried it.  The idea came from Laurie at Crazy Aunt Purl.  If you look at the blog, you’ll see that she was in  a collision a while back – and the driver who hit her responded with “I was late!” 

From Humans at the Zoo (June 21): This is what happened last month when that lady hit my Jeep. After the crash she sat in her car, writing out her phone number for me, saying, “I was late for work.” I remember looking at her with absolute disbelief, thinking You almost killed me because you were late for work? 

But we all rush around trying to get to the next place.  Laurie says:

  … Five minutes can change your life. I walk almost everywhere now, but there are still days when I have to drive. I leave five minutes early, I take my time, I don’t run red lights. I’m not in a panicked rush.

And she’s right.  If I’m late for an appointment (or work), I’m more likely to drive recklessly, stress out at my lateness, and generally do things that aren’t completely safe.  

Try it.  Leave the house five minutes early. You’ll like it.

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