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Nike Knit Running Shoe

Who’d have thought that was an option?  Nike is making a knit running shoe.


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Sea Glass bracelets

I think I’m going to have to go into my Mom’s Feed Reader and remove my blog from her favourites… I’m never going to be able to surprise her for Birthdays or Christmas.  Hi Mom!

This summer’s trip to New Brunswick will be pretty busy, but one of my priorities is to find me some sea glass.  I will keep this sweet little craft idea in mind.

As found on Makezine.com http://makezine.com/craft/how-to-sea-glass-bracelet/

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Craft Sale Stuff

I have been asked to participate as a knitter/crochetter in a Craft Sale at work.  I’ve always sold dish cloths from my desk, but now I’m going to try to fill a table.  Hrm.  I have two questions… what to make/sell?  And what do I sell them for?

Here’s my plan:

  • Basic Face/Dish cloths that I was taught as a kid.  How does $3 each sound?  Pattern: This is pretty close to what I make.   I have quite a few of these made. 
  • Tea Towel Toppers.  $8 each?   This is tough because you have to buy the towels first and put the toppers on.    But I have a stash of Christmas towels that I can make up.   I have no idea where the pattern in my brain came from, but this is kind of like it.  I have a few of these done up, but not many.
  • NEW idea, fingerless mittens.  $25 (or maybe $20) per pair?  I’ve been making them out of sock yarn (1 skein of Patons Kroy makes a pair) in a 2 K, 2 P pattern.  I can probably get 10 pairs done by the Sale in early November – if I don’t do other knitty things.  Here’s a photo of one I made (although this one has a thumb gusset – I’ve been making ones with just a straight line for the thumb hole.
  • Baby Surprise Jackets – I have about 5 of them done.  Can I sell them (does the copyright on the pattern prohibit it?  I do own the pattern)? If I can sell them, how much should I sell them for??
  • NEW idea, Fruit cozies.  Like these.  $3 each?

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Pop tab lampshade

Hmmm… I drink a lot of pop.  And this Pop Top Lampshade Tutorial is pretty cool. 


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Here’s a post about making bracelets from old plastic knitting needles.  Not sure if I would wear one, but it is a neat idea.

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  • I’ve been struck by an insatiable urge to knit mittens.  I don’t know why.  But I have a pair on the needles.  One hand is done except for the thumb, and the other hand has a wrist done already.  I’m using Ann Budd’s Basic Mittens pattern and some Bernat 90% Acrylic, 10% wool stuff whose name I can’t remember.  Look here for photos.
  • I went into Weight Watchers last night and asked the leader not to tell me what I weighed.  I was THAT convinced that the number was bad and I just couldn’t take it.  Her “but what if the news was that you lost a pound and a half?” was pretty cool.  My problem is that I’ve done this before and I get complacent.  Eat something and WRITE IT DOWN.  And put down the Chocolate chips!
  • I also was browsing through photos and found one of me from 2003.  This was from just after my sister’s wedding and a year of Weight Watchers success.  I wasn’t skinny by any stretch of the imagination, but I was happy with how I looked.  I want that again. I can do it.

    Me - Happy with my weight.

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