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Crocheted flowers

I don’t have any need for a wedding bouquet, but this is a neat idea I’ll tuck away for later.  Maize Hutton has been making a Crocheted Flower Wedding Bouquet and has some simple but elegant flower patterns.

In addition, I just made one of her crocheted crowns!.  So Cute!


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Craft Sale Stuff

I have been asked to participate as a knitter/crochetter in a Craft Sale at work.  I’ve always sold dish cloths from my desk, but now I’m going to try to fill a table.  Hrm.  I have two questions… what to make/sell?  And what do I sell them for?

Here’s my plan:

  • Basic Face/Dish cloths that I was taught as a kid.  How does $3 each sound?  Pattern: This is pretty close to what I make.   I have quite a few of these made. 
  • Tea Towel Toppers.  $8 each?   This is tough because you have to buy the towels first and put the toppers on.    But I have a stash of Christmas towels that I can make up.   I have no idea where the pattern in my brain came from, but this is kind of like it.  I have a few of these done up, but not many.
  • NEW idea, fingerless mittens.  $25 (or maybe $20) per pair?  I’ve been making them out of sock yarn (1 skein of Patons Kroy makes a pair) in a 2 K, 2 P pattern.  I can probably get 10 pairs done by the Sale in early November – if I don’t do other knitty things.  Here’s a photo of one I made (although this one has a thumb gusset – I’ve been making ones with just a straight line for the thumb hole.
  • Baby Surprise Jackets – I have about 5 of them done.  Can I sell them (does the copyright on the pattern prohibit it?  I do own the pattern)? If I can sell them, how much should I sell them for??
  • NEW idea, Fruit cozies.  Like these.  $3 each?

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The people at Craftzine posted this idea for a cool yarn storage solution.  I would need an extra tall wine rack, but it looks much more doable than my current Rubbermaid Bin tower. Hrm?

Wine Rack that Stores Yarn 


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Felted Camera Case

Last year I got it into my head that I was going to make a bunch of these.

Satchel Bag fromhttp://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/873/2189/1600/Satchel%20Bag.jpg

So I bought a bunch of wool sweaters to felt.  I felted them in the washer (safely – remind me to tell you about the time I had to ask Dean to come in to do emergency surgery on my washing machine – it wouldn’t drain! – and he pulled a rat sized ball of grey wool fuzz from the pump).  Turns out though that I’m not the only one to have done this.

I’ve got some lovely tiny wool sweaters.  None of them look like purses. Most of them actually look like couch pillows.

But one of them looks like this:

Felted Camera Case

What I did:

  1. cut off a sleeve from one of the sweaters. I cut along the raglan sleeve line – the pointy raglan top becomes the flap.  I also cut off the cuff.
  2. Fold the sleeve in half  – kind of at the elbow.  you’ll have two pockets.  Sew the sides together.
  3. I did a blanket stitch edging around the openings.
  4. sew a button to the front pocket. Make a hole in the flap.
  5. You’re done.  Note – I’m not really a fan of straps so I haven’t dealt with one.

Button Hole

My Camera Case

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Crochet Pillows

One of my organization goals is going to be about making do (see… year of do) with the yucky and mis-matched pillows I have in my living room.  And then I saw this which is a post about making a cardigan out of a sweater… but if you scroll down on the photo – you see crochet pillow covers.  It would use yarn up – and cover the yucky pillows – and not cost me money!  Brilliant!  But I must get sorted first.   But it is really really cool!

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