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I had grand plans a year or so ago to change cities.  Things were ok at work.  My house was too small.  I’m too far away from my family.  I’m still too far away from family, but work has improved dramatically, and I think I’m going to stay put here in Big City, Ontario.  But I’m going to get a bigger place.  As a result, my house is in a turmoil of “get ready to sell”.  It will be very sad to hand over the keys, but I’m ready. 


  • Get a storage unit – complete.  There are about eight bins of stuff there already.
  • Box stuff up – in progress.  I boxed up the bookshelves last night.  Nine boxes.  Not all books, but that’s crazy.
  • Move it to storage.  (seems obvious, but if you saw the box wall thing I’ve got going on right now, you’d see why I’ve put it on the list)
  • Purge.  Also in progress.  But hampered by the fact that I’m looking for a bigger place so I think I’ll have room there…and I might need it. 
  • Furniture in storage.  I’ve got a few too many pieces for the space to look appealing to a buyer.  Have to figure out what stays and what doesn’t. 
  • Clean.  I’m not the world’s best cleaner (understatement of the world – I’m a horrible housekeeper) so I think I’ll hire some help. 
  • Giveaways.  I have a dresser I rescued from the garbage that doesn’t match my stuff.  (but it could go in the new spare room… hrm…
  • Stage.  Put more stuff away.
  • Paint.  I never really finished painting the kitchen two years ago.  Fine for me.  But I bet a prospective buyer is going to notice.

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The people at Craftzine posted this idea for a cool yarn storage solution.  I would need an extra tall wine rack, but it looks much more doable than my current Rubbermaid Bin tower. Hrm?

Wine Rack that Stores Yarn 


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We don’t even get OWN yet in Canada, but I am anxiously awaiting the return of Peter Walsh to TV.  Enough Already is like TLC’s Clean Sweep.  I saw a preview of the show last Friday and it seems like it is the same sort of organization type show, but with an emphasis on the emotional reasons people keep their stuff. It seems to be PRACTICAL – and also seems to help people more like me.  Which is a good thing.  

Hoarders, on the other hand, is shock television.  My reaction to those people is to be thankful that I’m not that bad. 

Peter – want to come to my house?

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Today I had lunch with my friend Julie.  We’ve been trying to get together for lunch since before Christmas so I’m quite proud that we actually did it.  (remember “Year of Do”).  Another success!

I was explaining my Year of Do thing and how this is the year I stop whining about stuff and do something about things.  As we caught up on our lives she asked about my house and how it was.  My response was, oh, it is awful.  It really is a mess.  I need to do something about it.  Julie (she’s my conscience – my conscience is now officially named Julie) reminds me about my resolution – and suggests (demands, rather) that I’m going to hold a girls night sometime soon.  That’ll get my house clean.  And it will.  I don’t clean unless someone is coming over.  Even if it is the building Super (whose name is “Super Willy” by the way) who needs to check my smoke detector, I’ve got to clean up.   So, now I’m hosting a girl’s night in two weeks.  Holy crap! 

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so close

I’ve been “working” on my home since July.  As it is November 7, it is about darn time that it gets done.  Last night T (my friend, co-Guider, boss, and super generous person!) came over to confirm my couch cover choice.  We went with the red and white stripe version of this.  While she was here, she also helped me put stuff up on the wall.  And helped tidy up the plants.

It was seriously cool to have someone who has no personal investment in this place say “why don’t you do this…?” and then put packing tape and a string on my grandmother’s old metal tray and hang it on the wall (neat trick!).  I’ve been in this place for 5 years and this is the first time I’ve really put some time into putting personal things up, not Ikea posters.

But, while she was here, we came to an epiphany.  I need to embrace my stuff.  I’ve got a small house, lots of stuff piled everywhere, and conveniently a stack of empty bins.  The Rubbermaid bins may not be pretty but a pile of bins is way cleaner and less of a fire hazard than my current “system” (last night I climbed over the pile on the way to bed – yeah, attractive).  Anyway, I’ve dragged everything out of the hidey holes and am currently sorting the stuff into the bins.  There is also a bunch of stuff on the way to the storage unit.  I’m really close to living like an adult.  I might even be able to host Girls Night sometime soon.  And that is pretty exciting.

If I do the sorting now, I can knit tomorrow.  And I’ll have all the stuff in an easily accessible bin instead of “somewhere in that pile”.    And then I won’t be horrified by the thought of photographing this place.  Wow.  I’m really looking forward to that.

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my house is a mess

There’s a saying about a messy house being a reflection of a messy mind.  Well, if my house is a reflection of what’s going on inside me, then I’m going absolutely bonkers. 

There are piles upon piles of crap everywhere.  Things are still in boxes.  I don’t seem to be able to throw things out and don’t mind stepping over things.  It isn’t as bad as Hoarders on A&E, but that show sure does give someone like me pause.  I feel like I could go either way – back to moderately less messy or tip over to the horrible house that those poor people live in.    What to do?

Today’s Crazy Aunt Purl spoke about tidyness and clutter.  I’m past clutter into stupid, but her post today reminds me that I’m a homebody too.  I am happiest at home.  It stands to reason that my house would have a lot of stuff in it. 

Although even I can’t rationalize the mess.  (and you’re goofy if you think I’m going to photograph the mess and post it).  Although I did find the long-lost camera cord.

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  1. Construction is a pain. I love the result, but it is an everlasting pain in the butt. The new door went in September 17. Carpet went in September 30. Of course, in advance of that I had to shove EVERYTHING I own into the bathroom and kitchen. Camera by then was awol so I don’t have a photograph of the pile, but it sure was tall.
  2. New carpet is taller than old carpet.  Two of my doors are still leaning against the wall and one is dragging against my lovely new carpet.  Here’s hoping Dad can make a trip here with the saw.  (cross your fingers – there isn’t much that man can’t do as far as construction).
  3. T came by last week and brought her drill.  Hooks, mirrors, shelves and curtain rods are all hung and gorgeous.   What a relief.
  4. My parents are missing their neighbors at the lake.  L & J are dear people who had to return to their hometown in the States.  We all miss them – it was weird to see their place all wrapped up in plastic.  
    I enjoyed seeing my favourite place in the world through a new person’s eyes.  I enjoyed seeing my Dad show off his childhood home to new people and the pride that he has in the place.  Personally, I loved having someone next door who was reliable and normal.   It was nice to have someone to call to tell them that the phone is off the hook and if they don’t put it back on the hook in the next ten minutes I’m going to call the police  check on them.  It was nice that my parents had neighbours that they had so much in common with.  Friends are the family we choose – J&L became family (we’re going to miss them).   
  5. Brownies are going along swimmingly.  We have 13 girls and a fantastic group.  The energy they bring is pretty cool.  It is not often that you get a bunch that fits so well together (yes, I’m knocking on wood).  Enrollment on Tuesday. Then we’re off to a 100th Anniversary of Guiding campfire on Parliament Hill.  Such coolness.  Please don’t rain.

That’s it for now.  Will try to post more often, but we’ll see.

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