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BB-8 Inspired Hat

Before the new Star Wars move opened in theatres, I made a few R2D2 hats for family. After I saw the movie I had to see if I could make up a BB-8 inspired hat, but there was no pattern. So I made my own chart.

BB-8 Inspired Hat

Based on this R2D2 Hat Pattern (http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=113657.0)

Knit in the round Intarsia in the round  or Flat Intarsia and seam up.

Needles: 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm or whatever gets you a hat that suits your need.

Yarn: Use medium weight yarn (I used a combination of Paton’s Décor and Red Heart Supersaver) in white (main colour), Grey, Black, Orange (I used Paton’s Décor Mandarin) and a very small bit of red.


  • Cast on 90 stitches in Grey. Join carefully without twisting.
  • Knit one inch in non-rolling ribbing of your choice (I did k3, p 2).
  • Change to larger needle
  • Knit the chart starting on bottom right.BB8 Chart UPDATE JAN 1 2016  BB8 Chart NEW Dec 30 2015. Switch to Intarsia method for rows 7 – 17 and note the decreases right to the top. – The images here are of my second attempt… I intend to do less grey and more white on my third and that’s what the chart reflects.
  • Use Purl stitches to show the creases in the top of its head. I made two circles.
  • And then weave in your ends.

Let me know if there are any issues with this. I’m at caracastson@gmail.com. I intend no copyright infringement for Star Wars or Disney. Just a fun knitting project.



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I am always looking for unitque gift ideas… this is cool!

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Christmas Hat

I know, Christmas already?  But I’m not the only one.  Take a look at this cutie patootie Christmas tree hat that I’m thinking a certain kiddo or two might like (or at least their parents will).


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Freezer Burritos!

This is a great idea… http://www.shutterbean.com/make-your-own-freezer-burritos/.

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I’ve been thinking about Christmas for a while (what knitter hasn’t?) and what I’m making for people … but my sister just asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I’m stumped.  I had the same dillemma in 2009 and the list I made then was greatfully received by family, and I was very happy to get things I really wanted.  For 2011, I would prefer things that don’t take up a lot of space. 

Ideas (and I repeat – these are just ideas, not demands for stuff.  I really would rather just spend quality time with family and friends!):

  • I have a new job – Mom, did I tell you that?  (this is a test of the does your Mother really read your blog system)  Yesterday it was made official – promoted!  I think I need clothes.  I like Reitmans.  A Reitmans gift certificate would be lovely.
  • I love my iPhone and I’ve been stingy and only getting free apps.  An iTunes Gift Certificate would be really nice.
  • A nice new thick camping sleeping pad.  But a nice one like this one or this one.  Or someone to fix the broken buckle on the other one.
  • I really think these are cool: See Day 10 Here The Pottery Yarn Bowl is beautiful.  And I would really like it.  But I would never buy one for myself. 
  • While you’re there… The Yarn Harlot (my favourite knitting blog) has been doing a series called “Gifts for Knitters”.  It is 25 days of things a Non-Knitter who Loves a Knitter can do for their Knitter.  This is day 1Day 12 covers stocking stuffers – I’m always needing (losing!) darning needles and measuring tapes.
  • Did I tell you I bought myself a Guitar?  At Value Village.  I think I’d like lessons. 
  • Cutlery – I am still using the Value Village mishmash of cutlerly that I acquired from 1994 through 2004.  Stuff that is all the same – but with knives that aren’t too heavy – would be cool!
  • More printed/framed photos of the kiddos – especially when Niece starts taking Ballet Lessons.  (this is my favourite idea of all!)

I’ll think some more on the thing… but that’ll be a good start.

Merry Christmas

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This looks like an easy craft for kids. Maybe D and I can make some this weekend. 😉


Cara Hicks

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Just saw this… thread you knit into the fingers of your gloves so you can use your iPhone/iPod.  OOOOOOOOO.  http://nelkindesigns.blogspot.com/2011/01/techno-gloves.html

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