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knitting library

I LOVE knitting books.  My taste runs towards basic patterns with scope to make them my own. 

My favourites (I am Canadian – zed, neighbour, colour, etc):

  • Anything Elizabeth Zimmermann.  Currently attempting the Aran Cardigan with Saddle Shoulders from The Opinionated Knitter that I have borrowed from the Library.  But Knitter’s Almanac goes EVERYWHERE I do.  Also, have made many of the Baby Surprise Jackets.
  • Stitch Libraries I use often – Reader’s Digest Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet stitches, The Knitting Directory, and Step-by-step knitting stitch patterns.
  • Last Minute Knitted Gifts is a staple around November when I realize that the amount of knitting is never going to fit into the amount of time I have left before Christmas.
  • Books I covet I’d love to own – Alice Starmore, Aran Knitting is a gorgeous book.  I’ve borrowed it many times from the library.  $250 on Ebay!  Holy Cow!  Also Opinionated Knitter – but for now I’ll keep borrowing.
  • The Star of my collection is Principles of Knitting!  I actually own a battered, dust-jacketless copy that I found at a second hand store for $1.99!  There are reports that the publisher is putting it back into print so the value of the book has dropped considerably, but I did see it priced in the $hundreds!  Holy Crap! 

I wonder what books others have in their libraries?


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