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I got an e-mail from Laurie Perry in December.  She is also known as Crazy Aunt Purl (www.crazyauntpurl.com) and writes an often humorous (hilarious, actually) blog about her life, work, knitting, gardens, and general stuff.   She gets serious sometimes too, but I relate to her.  Her tag “ChezSpinster” resonates with me.

I got thinking about it and considering where I live, celebrity sightings are fairly thin on the ground.  I remember getting a letter from Santa when I was a kid, and another one from Mr. Dressup (a beloved children’s show on CBC Television).  I also remember Canada Day 1996 when the Queen was present and, if I jumped, I could see her hat in person.

I expect that if asked, Laurie would object to being called  celebrity, but it was pretty cool to hear from her – it made her a real person, not just someone I read about.  So, my celebrity contacts include: Santa, Mr. Dressup, the Queen and Crazy Aunt Purl.  Who have you met?


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