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I love Christmas – true Christmas, not the plastic, go-into-debt, manic Xmas that marketers would like us to believe in.  To me, Christmas should be about happiness, cheer, good-will, love,  compassion, and yes, God.  That said, it should not be about forcing others to celebrate traditions that are not their own (welcoming people to our table for friendship is another thing entirely) OR about hiding from the fact that December 25th is a big day for one part of the population.

But it comes with a lot of pressure –  to decorate, to get the right gifts, to get the right gifts on TIME, to spend money, to be HAPPY.  It is such a whirlwind that if you aren’t actually happy during Christmas, there is something wrong with you.  The malls are full of grumpy, stressed out people and it just sucks the happy out of everything.  No wonder there is so much depression.

I’m glad my family values (and I hope, prefers) homemade and thoughtful gifts.  Dad once gave me a plunger (something I needed) with a Puffin Head on top that he had cut out of a peice of wood.  Most of the time it is a toilet paper holder and it reminds me of a happy day with my Dad.  How cool is that? 

That brings us back to the pressure part of Christmas… I’m a crafty person who likes to make all of my gifts.   The thing is, it is the end of October  and I’m only now deciding what I’m going to make for people. 

Why do I do this?  Why, why, why??? 

Last year I made winter hats for the men and scarves for the ladies.    My plan for 2009: slippers for as many people as I can make them for, plus this neat pattern for felted bags that JBW suggested for my sisters and Mom, and maybe a few others, assuming I can make them without breaking my washing machine.  Or, I could try a round of Clapotis which is beautiful.  Then there is Colonnade,  Fern Glade, Fishy (I made one last year but it was too big for D so owe him a smaller one), Vortex, Cables & Bits, the old fallback Centre Square, oooo, I forgot about Slingshot, and Anouk.  Oh goodness, I’m overwhelmed again!

Here’s to a peaceful and stress-free Christmas this year.  May we all avoid the mall as much as possible (whilst still keeping the economy moving).


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I work so much better on a deadline.  I don’t know why this is, but it is totally true.  I’ve had all summer to re-arrange my house, put stuff in storage, and paint in advance of the carpet installation.  I don’t have a carpet deadline so the project has drawn out through the whole summer.  Yeesh.  I need to learn.

Paint/Carpet project update:

  • The carpet is in at the store and they want to install it sometime in mid September.  This guy clearly doesn’t get the way my mind works … “sometime” is going to get us all in trouble.  He needs to say September 14.  Or I should.  ERK.
  • Painting of the living room is pretty much done.  I dragged T to the store (or maybe she dragged me?) to help (make) me make a decision.  Her advice brought me to “Pyramid Gold”.  It is very pretty – but very different from the sunshiny yellow that I painted over.   I like it a lot.  Also learned that if you want more paint you should bring the label with you back to the store.  Not the chip. 
  • There was a funny moment in the store where T discovered how much I hate peach and that if you call something teal, I’m going to dislike it on principle.  The same chip presented and described without the word teal was embraced by me a few seconds later.  
  • Next I must select bathroom, kitchen and bedroom colours.  I’m thinking the same yellow for the kitchen – but maybe not.  My sunshiny yellow for my bedroom and a neat bright light blue in my bathroom.  Yes, I’ll take photos.

Knitting update:

W's Birthday Prezzie.  I loved working with this yarn.

W's Birthday Prezzie. I loved working with this yarn.

  • I finished W’s birthday present. Made from On your toes Bamboo yarn in Mardi Gras.  Pattern is Clapotis from Knitty.  Very pretty.  I did end up giving her a bag with a half finished project in it, but then I finished most of it after dinner AT the party.  Was cool for her to have some design input too.

  • Next is another stealth project.  But probably another Clapotis shawl because I can work it up quickly.  Rolls eyes.  The next deadline is Friday. 

Oh well.  I guess I can’t be taught.


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I’ll start by saying that the person I’m trying to surprise is very unlikely to read my blog, at least before the surprise so even though I’m announcing to the Blog World that I’m making something and being sneaky about it, it is a safe bet that I won’t blow the surprise.   (I’ve had 17 hits in a month of blogging, and I haven’t told anyone – except Lynn – the address, I’m probably ok).

So… there is an event on Saturday (yes, this is Tuesday and I only started last night) that celebrates someone special.  Here’s a preview of what I hope will be her gift.  It has to look a lot bigger by Saturday.

Stealth project for someone special.

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

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