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I’ve been focusing on what to get other people and have even grumbled about the people who don’t know what they want, or don’t want anything, or won’t entertain your suggestions… “don’t go to any trouble”.  It is quite frustrating as I can’t just pop into a store and come out with a thing that is handmade with love (how’s that for the Christmas spirit?).

But I’m probably no less frustrating with my, “I just want to spend time with you” answer.  So, in the spirit of reciprocity, here is a list of the things I could use.  (Note!  this isn’t a call for gifts for Cara, just a list of stuff that I’d like or could use.  I’m now prepared to answer the question, what do you want for Christmas).

  1. A Swimsuit.  I like this one (or see My Wishlist – Sears Canada if you know me).
  2. Edit: Door fix is complete.  Made a knit hat in exchange for some construction.  Great deal!  Someone to fix my entry door.  I need someone with a wood planer, the know-how to take the door off (and return it to) the hinges, and the ability to make the planer go that can come to me.  While you’re here, could you drill the holes in the drawers?  And fix the tap?
  3. A key hook for just inside my door.  Nothing huge or weird looking.  I only need two or three hooks.
  4. Knitting stuff.  Here’s an easy how to shop for a knitter list geared to the muggles (non-knitters) in our lives.  I shop often at Michael’s and less often (mostly because it isn’t convenient and a little pricier) at Yarn Forward.  Gift certificates are great!  Stephanie’s how to shop list is a pretty good one (tape measures, darning needles, stitch markers, ziplocks – the super big ones, small scissors, row counters, and needle gauges).
  5. And I’d love it if a woodworker could figure this out and give me the result.  I’m such a nerd.  Edit:  Dad is taking this project on.  Can’t wait!
  6. Cutlery.  I am currently using the mishmash of Value Village cutlery that I obtained in 1994.  I’d really love to have stuff that fits together nicely in the drawer.  I’m not promising to keep it in there neatly, but I expect uniformity will go a long way towards neatness.  I prefer simple stuff that is nicely balanced but not too flowery.  Also, as I eat in the living room, the knives can’t be too heavy so when you’re walking with a plate that the knife will slide onto the carpet.
  7. How about a Goat, a Rabbit or a Pig or maybe a Well?  Seriously, if you’re inclined to give me a gift, I’d rather that you spend your money in a developing country to help a family in need.   And pigs are cute.

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