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I’m a Brownie Guider in Ontario and I will be attending a big camp in Nova Scotia this summer.  One of the things you apparently do as a camper is bring something to swap – in Guiding parlance, this is usually a small craft which you have made in mass quantities and which you intend to swap with your new friends.  On my Brownie site, I wrote about deciding what my swap would be.  I have settled on making a crochetted flower in the shape of a trillium (Ontario’s provincial flower). 

Crochetted Trillium pattern
Based on Akua’s Daisy pattern. 

You need:

  • White yarn (I used some leftover Bernat Satin)
  • Green yarn (mystery yarn – has some wool in it)
  • Yellow yarn (Bernat cotton)
  • A 4mm crochet hook (or whatever suits you)
  • Small scissors for clipping ends (you’ll note that I’ve looped a string through them – you’ll be clipping a lot of ends and handy scissors are very useful)
  • And a yarn needle for sewing in those ends.

Trillium Supplies

Flower pattern (make one green, and one white).
Row 1 Chain 5.
Row 2 (copied from Akua’s Daisy) *sl st, ch3, trc, (ch2, sl st: picot), trc, ch3, sl st* three times.  
Fasten off.  
NOTE: I try to crochet over the tail – kind of sewing in the ends as I go.  This also allows me to tighten the string so the center is smaller.

That’s all it is.  Two rows of crochet.  When you’re done, sew in your tails.  Sew a green leaf peice to the white petals piece with yellow yarn.  I make an X and tie it at the back. 

To complete the Swap, I’ll attach a small card with my name and e-mail on it (so my new friends know who I am) with a small safety pin.  Easy peasy. 


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