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  1. Construction is a pain. I love the result, but it is an everlasting pain in the butt. The new door went in September 17. Carpet went in September 30. Of course, in advance of that I had to shove EVERYTHING I own into the bathroom and kitchen. Camera by then was awol so I don’t have a photograph of the pile, but it sure was tall.
  2. New carpet is taller than old carpet.  Two of my doors are still leaning against the wall and one is dragging against my lovely new carpet.  Here’s hoping Dad can make a trip here with the saw.  (cross your fingers – there isn’t much that man can’t do as far as construction).
  3. T came by last week and brought her drill.  Hooks, mirrors, shelves and curtain rods are all hung and gorgeous.   What a relief.
  4. My parents are missing their neighbors at the lake.  L & J are dear people who had to return to their hometown in the States.  We all miss them – it was weird to see their place all wrapped up in plastic.  
    I enjoyed seeing my favourite place in the world through a new person’s eyes.  I enjoyed seeing my Dad show off his childhood home to new people and the pride that he has in the place.  Personally, I loved having someone next door who was reliable and normal.   It was nice to have someone to call to tell them that the phone is off the hook and if they don’t put it back on the hook in the next ten minutes I’m going to call the police  check on them.  It was nice that my parents had neighbours that they had so much in common with.  Friends are the family we choose – J&L became family (we’re going to miss them).   
  5. Brownies are going along swimmingly.  We have 13 girls and a fantastic group.  The energy they bring is pretty cool.  It is not often that you get a bunch that fits so well together (yes, I’m knocking on wood).  Enrollment on Tuesday. Then we’re off to a 100th Anniversary of Guiding campfire on Parliament Hill.  Such coolness.  Please don’t rain.

That’s it for now.  Will try to post more often, but we’ll see.


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