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garden update!

My strawberry plant has a bloom on it! I’m so excited.

There is a little bit of a strawberry flower in the middle!  Yay!

There is a little bit of a strawberry flower in the middle! Yay!


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garden update – onions are EASY

I’ve been enjoying the heck out of my two deck boxes.   Every new leaf cheers me to no end.   Every brown one crushes me.  I don’t have children or cats so this garden has become my kids. 

  • Strawberry update – the Ozark Beauty strawberries are a bit wilty in this heat.  I’ll watch them.  The other ones are perky and great – but still not a flower on the bunch. 
  • Chives – I have LOTS.  I guess planting the whole package was a bit much.
  • Rosemary – she’s hanging in there – now that the sun is joining us I’m hopeful that she’ll dry out a bit and grow.  We’ll see.
  • NEW – I got a mint plant (based on Crazy Aunt Purl’s suggestion – I now love Mint Water). 
  • NEW – I’m growing my own Onions.  They’re so EASY to grow.  I never knew (and don’t think I’ll ever buy onions again!).  I planted the root of some grocery store green onions and voila!  new green onions are growing in the pot.  So cool.
  • Cucumber – the thing is dying.  Don’t think it likes the bright white of the deck.  My poor baby cukes are shrivelling.  =(

That’s all for today.  Photos to come.  I promise.

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My deck garden – a long rectangular box and another square one are really taking off – in spite of the incredible amount of rain and corresponding lack of sunshine.  Today is sunny so hopefully they soak up more than just water.

Cucumber update – there are about 4 things that might become cukes with a bit of time.  Cross your fingers.

Strawberry pots –  have “Ozark Beauty” strawberries that were already pre-sprouted at the store – AND I have some other ones that I sprouted (late).  Not surprisingly, the seed ones are smaller, but they’re gaining ground.  I have yet to actually eat anything, but both varieties are apparently ones that should keep producing through the summer (so I didn’t miss the strawberry window). 

Chives & other herbs – the indoor chives are thin and grass-like.  Have moved them out to be with their brothers in the deck box.  The box chives are strong and green and growing.  Very cool.  I also bought a rosemary plant – it still lives, but it is VERY wet, what with all the rain.  For a plant whose label said, I like to be dry some of the time, I’m pretty sure that she is going to be angry with me someday soon.

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Favourite blogs include you grow girl and Crazy Aunt Purl and both feature gardening.  (and I do realize that for a blog “about knitting”, you’re getting a surprising lack of knit content).


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