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Part of my Christmas puzzle has to do with the men in my family.  I did a Google search for “handmade gifts for men” and there are many, many results but unfortunately, mostly for people like me ASKING what to make for the men in their lives.

This site has some promising ideas (geared to everyone on your list, but some really good ideas for men too). The highlight points us to the Mancala game on Knitty.   So cool!

Here are my stand bys…

Hats.  Last year I got my act together and MEASURED everyone so this year it is a matter of making them.  Innovation… if I use the short rows for the Fish Hat (Knitty), they make really simple ear flaps.   I’ve already started the first one in Paton’s Decor with Green as the base and white and blue as accents.  Quite cool.

Socks… but they don’t wear em and I can’t make them quickly.  So no.

Slippers (like the ones in my site’s header).  But dare I risk breaking my washer again?

Hm… any ideas?


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I’ve been focusing on what to get other people and have even grumbled about the people who don’t know what they want, or don’t want anything, or won’t entertain your suggestions… “don’t go to any trouble”.  It is quite frustrating as I can’t just pop into a store and come out with a thing that is handmade with love (how’s that for the Christmas spirit?).

But I’m probably no less frustrating with my, “I just want to spend time with you” answer.  So, in the spirit of reciprocity, here is a list of the things I could use.  (Note!  this isn’t a call for gifts for Cara, just a list of stuff that I’d like or could use.  I’m now prepared to answer the question, what do you want for Christmas).

  1. A Swimsuit.  I like this one (or see My Wishlist – Sears Canada if you know me).
  2. Edit: Door fix is complete.  Made a knit hat in exchange for some construction.  Great deal!  Someone to fix my entry door.  I need someone with a wood planer, the know-how to take the door off (and return it to) the hinges, and the ability to make the planer go that can come to me.  While you’re here, could you drill the holes in the drawers?  And fix the tap?
  3. A key hook for just inside my door.  Nothing huge or weird looking.  I only need two or three hooks.
  4. Knitting stuff.  Here’s an easy how to shop for a knitter list geared to the muggles (non-knitters) in our lives.  I shop often at Michael’s and less often (mostly because it isn’t convenient and a little pricier) at Yarn Forward.  Gift certificates are great!  Stephanie’s how to shop list is a pretty good one (tape measures, darning needles, stitch markers, ziplocks – the super big ones, small scissors, row counters, and needle gauges).
  5. And I’d love it if a woodworker could figure this out and give me the result.  I’m such a nerd.  Edit:  Dad is taking this project on.  Can’t wait!
  6. Cutlery.  I am currently using the mishmash of Value Village cutlery that I obtained in 1994.  I’d really love to have stuff that fits together nicely in the drawer.  I’m not promising to keep it in there neatly, but I expect uniformity will go a long way towards neatness.  I prefer simple stuff that is nicely balanced but not too flowery.  Also, as I eat in the living room, the knives can’t be too heavy so when you’re walking with a plate that the knife will slide onto the carpet.
  7. How about a Goat, a Rabbit or a Pig or maybe a Well?  Seriously, if you’re inclined to give me a gift, I’d rather that you spend your money in a developing country to help a family in need.   And pigs are cute.

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1. The Felted bags are now morphing back into slippers using this Martha Stewart pattern but will likely add leather bottoms (recovered from old leather goods).

2. I have lots of the tea towel toppers – I’ve been selling them at work.  Excellent prezzie for my co-Guiders, some thank you gifts, hostess gifts, and any unexpected gift opportunities.

3. A&K have asked for Wine.  Easy peasy, and inexpensive.  It is nice to have someone ask for stuff.

4. J still wants Colonade (see previous post for link).  Have purchased yarn for it with her approval.  I figured the element of surprise is good, unless you end up spending HOURS on something they never wear.  So, as J is particular, I need to consult before giving.

5. I don’t know how I’m going to fit this in, but it is so cute!  The first site has a better picture but the second one has a variety of poems that go with it.  (Snowman Soup1 Snowman Soup2 – beware the loud music though)

What’s left?  Parents need gifts – but they say they don’t need anything.  Erg.   The hat parade must start (lots of fish hats) and a few real ones.   Plus a few puppy prezzies.  First deadline is Dec 5 for a birthday.  Oh!  Mustn’t forget D on Nov 30.  I’ve got something in mind for him but it isn’t done.  Whoops.

Friday is the Science Centre sleepover for Brownies.  Of all the boneheaded ideas, why would I want to spend a night in a drafty museum with 30 kids?  (Answer – because I love these kids and they’ll have an absolute blast!  Also, if I want these kids to come camping, I need for them to try out being away from their parents).  And I can sleep on Saturday, right?

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To steal a theme from the Yarn Harlot (www.yarnharlot.ca) (she did this today).  She always makes me laugh.

1. Brownies was really good tonight.  It is another testament to planning and preparation. We did “Building Up” by making towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows.  Very fun.  It also couldn’t have happened without Snowy, Spotty, & Grey Owls and Mum J coming too.  Love them for all the support and planning they do.

2.  Next week is science experiment night.  We get to make Blue Goo.  I did remind the girls to wear play clothes.

3. I’m working at home for two days.  I could get used to this.

4. I drink way too much pop.  Diet Pepsi.

5. I need to go to the pool tomorrow.  I didn’t go today – or Saturday.  Thursday’s class is going to kill me if I don’t go tomorrow.

6. I love The Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon and Leonard make me happy.

7. I think I might sell dish cloths at work.  Is $2.50 for a crocheted dish cloth reasonable?

8. Weight Watchers is going ok, but I’m not following it as well as I should.  Chocolate cake on Monday was delicious but too many points.

9. Pictures are closer to being framed correctly.  Sigh.  Now must get guts to make holes in my walls.

10. Clothes fairy dropped off yesterday.  I love it when someone fashionable decides she doesn’t want some stuff and thinks of me.

11. Finally did the Guiding paperwork that got me the bank card.  Used it today for the first time.

12. Love the Ikea globe lights so much.  This is the little one but there is a bigger one.  I think I like the little one best.

13. Wireless isn’t working.  Works for a bit and cuts out.  Have wired the thing now, but wireless was way more convenient. Any ideas?

14. J likes Colonade for Christmas.  Must figure out colour though.  But have been wanting to give it a crack so am glad to have a giftee who will wear it.

15. Have to put a bunch of stuff in storage.

16. Am I going to the Lake on Friday?  Don’t know yet.

17. Holidays are sort of figured out.  Now if only the weather people could arrange for snow after I’m finished the drive to the lake for Christmas.  If the weather people are listening, I need a clear day on Dec 18 or 19.  That’s all.  Thanks.

Ok… that’s enough.  I’m pooped and ready for bed.  Goodnight all.

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I work so much better on a deadline.  I don’t know why this is, but it is totally true.  I’ve had all summer to re-arrange my house, put stuff in storage, and paint in advance of the carpet installation.  I don’t have a carpet deadline so the project has drawn out through the whole summer.  Yeesh.  I need to learn.

Paint/Carpet project update:

  • The carpet is in at the store and they want to install it sometime in mid September.  This guy clearly doesn’t get the way my mind works … “sometime” is going to get us all in trouble.  He needs to say September 14.  Or I should.  ERK.
  • Painting of the living room is pretty much done.  I dragged T to the store (or maybe she dragged me?) to help (make) me make a decision.  Her advice brought me to “Pyramid Gold”.  It is very pretty – but very different from the sunshiny yellow that I painted over.   I like it a lot.  Also learned that if you want more paint you should bring the label with you back to the store.  Not the chip. 
  • There was a funny moment in the store where T discovered how much I hate peach and that if you call something teal, I’m going to dislike it on principle.  The same chip presented and described without the word teal was embraced by me a few seconds later.  
  • Next I must select bathroom, kitchen and bedroom colours.  I’m thinking the same yellow for the kitchen – but maybe not.  My sunshiny yellow for my bedroom and a neat bright light blue in my bathroom.  Yes, I’ll take photos.

Knitting update:

W's Birthday Prezzie.  I loved working with this yarn.

W's Birthday Prezzie. I loved working with this yarn.

  • I finished W’s birthday present. Made from On your toes Bamboo yarn in Mardi Gras.  Pattern is Clapotis from Knitty.  Very pretty.  I did end up giving her a bag with a half finished project in it, but then I finished most of it after dinner AT the party.  Was cool for her to have some design input too.

  • Next is another stealth project.  But probably another Clapotis shawl because I can work it up quickly.  Rolls eyes.  The next deadline is Friday. 

Oh well.  I guess I can’t be taught.


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I’ll start by saying that the person I’m trying to surprise is very unlikely to read my blog, at least before the surprise so even though I’m announcing to the Blog World that I’m making something and being sneaky about it, it is a safe bet that I won’t blow the surprise.   (I’ve had 17 hits in a month of blogging, and I haven’t told anyone – except Lynn – the address, I’m probably ok).

So… there is an event on Saturday (yes, this is Tuesday and I only started last night) that celebrates someone special.  Here’s a preview of what I hope will be her gift.  It has to look a lot bigger by Saturday.

Stealth project for someone special.

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

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hello world

Dear Blog,

I am fairly sure that chicksknit can’t be an original name… so if I’ve got someone else’s name, I guess we’ll have to deal with that.  The thing is, I knit, and it suits my name. 

Anyway, this is my first post.  The general goal of this blog is to help me plan my projects for the next couple of months in the lead up to Christmas 2009.

Gosh, I need a plan!

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