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week of remembering

Early November is not my favourite time of year.  You see, today (November 5) would have been my dear Nanny Hicks’ 89th birthday.  And in 1999, my Grampy Hicks died on November 6.  Then in 2002, my Grampa Keating died on November 7.    Then in 2006, Nanny Hicks followed Grampy on November 8.     Remembering three deaths and one birthday in four days is a lot for someone to deal with.  And, while it didn’t happen in November,  I will always miss Nanny Keating who passed away in March of 1996.

Veteran’s Week (Nov 5 – 11) is so very important to us as Canadians.  I wear a poppy for brave soldiers who sacraficed and died long ago, I wear it for brave men and women who sacrifice and fight now.  But I also wear Grampa Keating’s permanent poppy because I miss him.

I remember my grandparents.  I miss them.  I honour them.  I hope I live up to their good lives.   They were wonderful people, all of them.

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