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I’m copying someone else who is famous for this… but I think it might make me write more.

  1. My house is a mess again.  It seems to be my default position and that is fine if I want to be a hermit, but I don’t want to be a hermit.    I let the cleaning lady lapse (didn’t call her back and she has stopped calling me) and that was dumb.  I need to invite people into my house so I am honour bound to clean for them.
  2. Someone is coming over… I’ve invited a Real Estate Agent to do a property assessment for a possible sale. 
  3. Moving?!  Yes, I’m considering moving to another town in the next year. Reason 1 – Proximity to family.   For the last 18 years (!) I’ve lived at least four hours away from family and up to seven hours away.  They’ve all got families who are important to me and I’ve decided that it might be more important to be closer to them than it is to keep slogging it out where I am.  The driving factor for me is the idea that I might be 90 minutes from everyone.  I have to also realize that it also means that they’ll be 90 minutes away (and drop-ins are possible) from me.

    Reason 2 – I think I need a change.  I’m single and alone and, a bit lonesome.  Maybe a new city will goose that situation a bit. It can’t hurt, can it?  Maybe I should do something like this.  

    Reason 3 – for a number of years it has become more and more difficult to drive away from the Lake.  Every time I return to the city I spend a moment or two looking up jobs that I could do in Myhometown, Ontario.  Unfortunately the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed will not be supported by the “salary” of a seasonal DQ scooper. But there is a city within 90 minutes that has career type places to work and pools and libraries and other family members from whom advice and a possible temporary place could be got.  Thus the plan was hatched.

  4. Reactions from family have been mixed.  Some think that it is homesickness.  Some see my point completely.  Some think it would be a great upheaval.  Some think it would be a great way to upgrade my standard of living – selling the current Chez Cara will likely finance a better Chez Cara in the new city.  They all know that I’m obsessive enough to make sure I’ve researched the heck out of it before I make any decisions. 
  5. I’m almost finished an Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi shawl for a very favourite person.  My Mom’s neighbour asked for a piece of artwork.  Art to me is EZ and I hope she likes it. 
  6. I got my first Brownie Inquiry for the year. 

A Bientot.


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  1. Construction is a pain. I love the result, but it is an everlasting pain in the butt. The new door went in September 17. Carpet went in September 30. Of course, in advance of that I had to shove EVERYTHING I own into the bathroom and kitchen. Camera by then was awol so I don’t have a photograph of the pile, but it sure was tall.
  2. New carpet is taller than old carpet.  Two of my doors are still leaning against the wall and one is dragging against my lovely new carpet.  Here’s hoping Dad can make a trip here with the saw.  (cross your fingers – there isn’t much that man can’t do as far as construction).
  3. T came by last week and brought her drill.  Hooks, mirrors, shelves and curtain rods are all hung and gorgeous.   What a relief.
  4. My parents are missing their neighbors at the lake.  L & J are dear people who had to return to their hometown in the States.  We all miss them – it was weird to see their place all wrapped up in plastic.  
    I enjoyed seeing my favourite place in the world through a new person’s eyes.  I enjoyed seeing my Dad show off his childhood home to new people and the pride that he has in the place.  Personally, I loved having someone next door who was reliable and normal.   It was nice to have someone to call to tell them that the phone is off the hook and if they don’t put it back on the hook in the next ten minutes I’m going to call the police  check on them.  It was nice that my parents had neighbours that they had so much in common with.  Friends are the family we choose – J&L became family (we’re going to miss them).   
  5. Brownies are going along swimmingly.  We have 13 girls and a fantastic group.  The energy they bring is pretty cool.  It is not often that you get a bunch that fits so well together (yes, I’m knocking on wood).  Enrollment on Tuesday. Then we’re off to a 100th Anniversary of Guiding campfire on Parliament Hill.  Such coolness.  Please don’t rain.

That’s it for now.  Will try to post more often, but we’ll see.

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I work so much better on a deadline.  I don’t know why this is, but it is totally true.  I’ve had all summer to re-arrange my house, put stuff in storage, and paint in advance of the carpet installation.  I don’t have a carpet deadline so the project has drawn out through the whole summer.  Yeesh.  I need to learn.

Paint/Carpet project update:

  • The carpet is in at the store and they want to install it sometime in mid September.  This guy clearly doesn’t get the way my mind works … “sometime” is going to get us all in trouble.  He needs to say September 14.  Or I should.  ERK.
  • Painting of the living room is pretty much done.  I dragged T to the store (or maybe she dragged me?) to help (make) me make a decision.  Her advice brought me to “Pyramid Gold”.  It is very pretty – but very different from the sunshiny yellow that I painted over.   I like it a lot.  Also learned that if you want more paint you should bring the label with you back to the store.  Not the chip. 
  • There was a funny moment in the store where T discovered how much I hate peach and that if you call something teal, I’m going to dislike it on principle.  The same chip presented and described without the word teal was embraced by me a few seconds later.  
  • Next I must select bathroom, kitchen and bedroom colours.  I’m thinking the same yellow for the kitchen – but maybe not.  My sunshiny yellow for my bedroom and a neat bright light blue in my bathroom.  Yes, I’ll take photos.

Knitting update:

W's Birthday Prezzie.  I loved working with this yarn.

W's Birthday Prezzie. I loved working with this yarn.

  • I finished W’s birthday present. Made from On your toes Bamboo yarn in Mardi Gras.  Pattern is Clapotis from Knitty.  Very pretty.  I did end up giving her a bag with a half finished project in it, but then I finished most of it after dinner AT the party.  Was cool for her to have some design input too.

  • Next is another stealth project.  But probably another Clapotis shawl because I can work it up quickly.  Rolls eyes.  The next deadline is Friday. 

Oh well.  I guess I can’t be taught.


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I’ve lived in my dear little appartment for FIVE years now.  FIVE.  I can’t believe it.  I got a bit of money when I renegotiated my mortgage and have been spending the summer pretending that I’m moving – for me that’s the best way to make me throw stuff out.

My project list:

  1. New carpet.  The one I bought is a little bit darker than before but essentially the same – without the oil stains and crap from the previous owners.  The installers have agreed to deal with moving the big stuff around, but I’ve got to move and find places for the small stuff.
  2. Moving – but not – I bought boxes and have moved a lot of things into storage.  My plan is to only store things I’m keeping.  Three car loads to Value Villiage so far.
  3. Kitchen cupboard doors – I’ve got those nasty white melamine doors and drawers with the oak finger board on the edge.  I’m sure the person who designed them was proud of himself, but really… enough.  Mr. L is a handyman and is going to drill holes for new hardware.  I will paint out the Oak.  Cost: $80.  Not bad for avoiding a $3000 kitchen job.
  4. Since Mr. L is going to be there, I’ve asked if he’ll also address the sink tap that sprays everywhere, hang the hooks in the hall, and hang the shelves in the bedroom.  I may also think of other things too.
  5. PAINT before carpet.  And stuff out before paint.  I want to paint with the natural drop cloth of the old yucky carpet.  But I need some input on colour. 
  6. Find camera cable – I think I packed the camera cable.  Who knows which box.  Until found, no photos.
  7. New couch in (Mr. L is delivering it on Thursday) and old futon sold!  Excellent!

Who knew renovation was this much work?   But I like that I’m seeing progress.  And if you were wondering… here’s my house layout:


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