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I’m no knitting newbie so how is it that I’ve only just discovered Barbara G. Walker? I’ve heard about her, but last night is the first time I got a book in my hands (the Library is a good thing). 

Mosaic Knitting – looks a lot like fair isle knitting, but you only have one colour working at a time. It is lighter with less yarn travelling along the wrong side. It took me all of 5 minutes to have yarn and needles in hand and attempt the technique.  Whooeee, am I impressed.  This rocked my world more than even lace knitting did. I wonder how it will adapt to knitting in the round for the Christmas hat parade?

Are there any other astonishing books or techniques I’m missing out on?  (I’ve got socks, sweaters, aran knitting, fair isle, cables, lace, circular covered.  No interest in entrelac or intarsia.)


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