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  • I’ve been struck by an insatiable urge to knit mittens.  I don’t know why.  But I have a pair on the needles.  One hand is done except for the thumb, and the other hand has a wrist done already.  I’m using Ann Budd’s Basic Mittens pattern and some Bernat 90% Acrylic, 10% wool stuff whose name I can’t remember.  Look here for photos.
  • I went into Weight Watchers last night and asked the leader not to tell me what I weighed.  I was THAT convinced that the number was bad and I just couldn’t take it.  Her “but what if the news was that you lost a pound and a half?” was pretty cool.  My problem is that I’ve done this before and I get complacent.  Eat something and WRITE IT DOWN.  And put down the Chocolate chips!
  • I also was browsing through photos and found one of me from 2003.  This was from just after my sister’s wedding and a year of Weight Watchers success.  I wasn’t skinny by any stretch of the imagination, but I was happy with how I looked.  I want that again. I can do it.

    Me - Happy with my weight.


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Long before knitting became a passion, I have to say that television was one of my first real facinations… with reading novels a close second (or tie?).  Knitting fits nicely into my television addiction because I can knit and watch shows as I go.

I’ll watch pretty much anything, except for sports (not even hockey – yeah, what kind of a Canadian am I?  I adore Olympic sports though).  And, as I live alone, I can flip channels at will.  I also obtained a PVR (like Tivo) last year so I can record shows all over the place.  So.  Very.  Cool.

On my PVR:

Big Bang Theory – I have kept every episode since December and the 2008 Christmas episode is still an all-time favourite – Sheldon is given a gift of a napkin that Leonard Nimoy had used “I have Leonard Nemoy’s DNA…I can make my own Leonard Nimoy!”. 

Bones – Showcase is showing old episodes.  We’re up to the one where Gormagon is revealed.  The mix of romance, eye candy, and smart investigative drama is very appealing.  In last night’s new episode Bones had to take Booth’s clothes for evidence and that made me very happy.

Oprah – I’ve left this on the PVR for old time’s sake.  I watch maybe one show a week from start to finish, but I find her style varies from show to show.  Often she’s spot on, but not always.   

CSI x 3.  Again, I’ve left this on for old time’s sake and more and more, I delete it without watching.  Miami and NY are watched regularly, but LV isn’t as much.  I miss Grissom. 

Survivor – On the PVR I can scoot through the boring stuff, but I always watch one of the challenges and the end to see who got booted.  Evil Russel this season has turned a corner – he’s sneaky, but he’s playing well.

America’s Next Top Model – I don’t know why I love to watch stick people get their photos taken, but anyway. 

Top Chef (noticing a reality theme?) – This is a cool show… except that it gets shown in the States a week or two earlier than here on Food Network Canada so I am trying really hard not to find out who the winner is.  Shhhh.

America’s Test Kitchen (Saturdays on PBS) – this show is a mix of science and cooking skills.  They do the mess ups for you and show you the reason a particular recipe worked.  Just bought the cook book.  Awesome!

Top Gear– Hilarious!  The three British hosts put high-performance (and not-so-high-performance) cars through the ringer on BBC Canada. 

Also: Fringe (Joshua Jackson!), V, Flash Forward, NCIS, NCIS LA, Relocation Relocation, Dollhouse (which just got cancelled), Mercy, Three Rivers (also cancelled),  Criminal Minds!, Lie to Me, So you think you can dance Canada (and US – although I’ve had enough this year), Project Runway and its sister Models of the Runway (also shown two weeks earlier in the states so very hard to not be spoiled!), and Amazing Race.

I do not watch American or Canadian Idol (I get embarrassed when people sing badly and can’t watch), or Dancing with the Stars (the music is embarrassing – see American Idol reason).

I miss: Battlestar Glactica, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicals (Brian Austin Green!) and Friends (even though because of syndication it will never go away).

Demoted from the PVR: Dr. Oz – It turns out that I’m a hypochondriac.

Yeah… I watch a lot of TV.  What do you watch that I should?

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Part of my Christmas puzzle has to do with the men in my family.  I did a Google search for “handmade gifts for men” and there are many, many results but unfortunately, mostly for people like me ASKING what to make for the men in their lives.

This site has some promising ideas (geared to everyone on your list, but some really good ideas for men too). The highlight points us to the Mancala game on Knitty.   So cool!

Here are my stand bys…

Hats.  Last year I got my act together and MEASURED everyone so this year it is a matter of making them.  Innovation… if I use the short rows for the Fish Hat (Knitty), they make really simple ear flaps.   I’ve already started the first one in Paton’s Decor with Green as the base and white and blue as accents.  Quite cool.

Socks… but they don’t wear em and I can’t make them quickly.  So no.

Slippers (like the ones in my site’s header).  But dare I risk breaking my washer again?

Hm… any ideas?

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I’ve been focusing on what to get other people and have even grumbled about the people who don’t know what they want, or don’t want anything, or won’t entertain your suggestions… “don’t go to any trouble”.  It is quite frustrating as I can’t just pop into a store and come out with a thing that is handmade with love (how’s that for the Christmas spirit?).

But I’m probably no less frustrating with my, “I just want to spend time with you” answer.  So, in the spirit of reciprocity, here is a list of the things I could use.  (Note!  this isn’t a call for gifts for Cara, just a list of stuff that I’d like or could use.  I’m now prepared to answer the question, what do you want for Christmas).

  1. A Swimsuit.  I like this one (or see My Wishlist – Sears Canada if you know me).
  2. Edit: Door fix is complete.  Made a knit hat in exchange for some construction.  Great deal!  Someone to fix my entry door.  I need someone with a wood planer, the know-how to take the door off (and return it to) the hinges, and the ability to make the planer go that can come to me.  While you’re here, could you drill the holes in the drawers?  And fix the tap?
  3. A key hook for just inside my door.  Nothing huge or weird looking.  I only need two or three hooks.
  4. Knitting stuff.  Here’s an easy how to shop for a knitter list geared to the muggles (non-knitters) in our lives.  I shop often at Michael’s and less often (mostly because it isn’t convenient and a little pricier) at Yarn Forward.  Gift certificates are great!  Stephanie’s how to shop list is a pretty good one (tape measures, darning needles, stitch markers, ziplocks – the super big ones, small scissors, row counters, and needle gauges).
  5. And I’d love it if a woodworker could figure this out and give me the result.  I’m such a nerd.  Edit:  Dad is taking this project on.  Can’t wait!
  6. Cutlery.  I am currently using the mishmash of Value Village cutlery that I obtained in 1994.  I’d really love to have stuff that fits together nicely in the drawer.  I’m not promising to keep it in there neatly, but I expect uniformity will go a long way towards neatness.  I prefer simple stuff that is nicely balanced but not too flowery.  Also, as I eat in the living room, the knives can’t be too heavy so when you’re walking with a plate that the knife will slide onto the carpet.
  7. How about a Goat, a Rabbit or a Pig or maybe a Well?  Seriously, if you’re inclined to give me a gift, I’d rather that you spend your money in a developing country to help a family in need.   And pigs are cute.

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1. The Felted bags are now morphing back into slippers using this Martha Stewart pattern but will likely add leather bottoms (recovered from old leather goods).

2. I have lots of the tea towel toppers – I’ve been selling them at work.  Excellent prezzie for my co-Guiders, some thank you gifts, hostess gifts, and any unexpected gift opportunities.

3. A&K have asked for Wine.  Easy peasy, and inexpensive.  It is nice to have someone ask for stuff.

4. J still wants Colonade (see previous post for link).  Have purchased yarn for it with her approval.  I figured the element of surprise is good, unless you end up spending HOURS on something they never wear.  So, as J is particular, I need to consult before giving.

5. I don’t know how I’m going to fit this in, but it is so cute!  The first site has a better picture but the second one has a variety of poems that go with it.  (Snowman Soup1 Snowman Soup2 – beware the loud music though)

What’s left?  Parents need gifts – but they say they don’t need anything.  Erg.   The hat parade must start (lots of fish hats) and a few real ones.   Plus a few puppy prezzies.  First deadline is Dec 5 for a birthday.  Oh!  Mustn’t forget D on Nov 30.  I’ve got something in mind for him but it isn’t done.  Whoops.

Friday is the Science Centre sleepover for Brownies.  Of all the boneheaded ideas, why would I want to spend a night in a drafty museum with 30 kids?  (Answer – because I love these kids and they’ll have an absolute blast!  Also, if I want these kids to come camping, I need for them to try out being away from their parents).  And I can sleep on Saturday, right?

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fish, fish, fish

One of my four-year-old nephew’s favourite books is Trout, Trout, Trout (A Fish Chant) by April Pulley Sayre.  As I’ve got three young boys on my list, I’m going to listen to young D and am combining the book…

Image: Amazon.ca

with a Fish hat for their gifts – but mine will be “live” fish.  So much fishy fun.

Image: Knitty.com

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photos! I have a few!

I’ve been promising photos for a while.  As the camera, the cord and the computer spent some time together, we’re good!

1. My niece Claire has been wearing this for a while.  She’s almost out of it by now, but I love this pattern.  Baby Surprise, by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I was pleasantly surprised that it seemed to grow with her too.   Fun, easy, charming, lovely to knit.  And a big hit with her parents.

Claire's Baby Surprise Jacket

Claire's Baby Surprise Jacket










2. I’ve got a lot of things in the hopper, but this is a small preview of the Christmas prezzies.  These hanging tea towels are pretty easy to make and are pretty popular.   They’re this year’s hostess gift.

camera 043

Christmas Preview


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