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dark to light

Light is a pretty important part of our lives. Today is the shortest day of the year – a day with the least amount of light in North America. It happily coincides with the Christmas season when everyone has lights on. I know very well that the birth of Jesus was likely in the summer and December 25th was probably picked to coincide with pagan winter solstice celebrations to encourage conversions.  If it means that we get twinkly lights in December, I’m all for it.

I remember a number of years ago when he Ice Storm (1998?) hit Ontario and Quebec a spokesperson for Hydro Ontario said something that has stuck with me. “We’re trying very hard to turn ON the light at the end of the tunnel.” My family is pretty well prepared and has a good attitude to things like power outages.  Last winter we muddled through a snowstorm that knocked out power for four days.  A house without hydro, light, internet access or electronic information was doable…thankfully we’ve got a BBQ, wood stove, outdoor privvy, generator, lots of candles, a water pump.  You go to bed when the light goes away and do a flury of things when the generator is on – including a brief luxury of updating my facebook status (I wrote “Cara is Powerless at the lake.  Hydro has been out for a couple of days.  Generator and BBQ a saviour.  We’re fine”).    But four days was just about our limit.  When the Hydro guys came over the hill in their snowmobiles, there was joy.  Real Joy.

Anyway, I’m back at the lake on Solstice night.  We’ve got candles and Christmas lights to chase away the dark.  Also, I’ve discovered that a Telus Air Card (an internet stick that works on the cell networks) WORKS.  There is light at the end of the dial up tunnel too.  Hallelujah.

And there will be a few more minutes of light tomorrow.  =) And, as I may not get online again … Merry Christmas.


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