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I had grand plans a year or so ago to change cities.  Things were ok at work.  My house was too small.  I’m too far away from my family.  I’m still too far away from family, but work has improved dramatically, and I think I’m going to stay put here in Big City, Ontario.  But I’m going to get a bigger place.  As a result, my house is in a turmoil of “get ready to sell”.  It will be very sad to hand over the keys, but I’m ready. 


  • Get a storage unit – complete.  There are about eight bins of stuff there already.
  • Box stuff up – in progress.  I boxed up the bookshelves last night.  Nine boxes.  Not all books, but that’s crazy.
  • Move it to storage.  (seems obvious, but if you saw the box wall thing I’ve got going on right now, you’d see why I’ve put it on the list)
  • Purge.  Also in progress.  But hampered by the fact that I’m looking for a bigger place so I think I’ll have room there…and I might need it. 
  • Furniture in storage.  I’ve got a few too many pieces for the space to look appealing to a buyer.  Have to figure out what stays and what doesn’t. 
  • Clean.  I’m not the world’s best cleaner (understatement of the world – I’m a horrible housekeeper) so I think I’ll hire some help. 
  • Giveaways.  I have a dresser I rescued from the garbage that doesn’t match my stuff.  (but it could go in the new spare room… hrm…
  • Stage.  Put more stuff away.
  • Paint.  I never really finished painting the kitchen two years ago.  Fine for me.  But I bet a prospective buyer is going to notice.

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The assessment took 15 minutes – and then we talked about knitting for another 30 minutes.  Brenda is a lovely person and it turns out we had a lot in common.  She made some suggestions and then blew me away with her estimate.  Although, I probably need to figure out how much of that I’d actually get – there is commission to pay.

More randomness

  • As much as I hate to say it, summer seems to be coming to an end.  We’re having a Brownie Barbecue – which is really an excuse to get started for next year.  I’ve also had a bunch of inquiries – some about our Unit, and a few from people confused about the process.  Ontario needs to make registration info a lot easier to access.  The forms are handy, but a Google map with meeting spaces and unit numbers would be really helpful!  I’m just saying. 
  • I started on the Wii again yesterday.  The darn thing keeps calling me Obese.  It is depressing (I know I’m not healthy) and it is a kick in the pants to get moving.  One step at a time.  That’s all I can do.  But I must do it.
  • I also registered for a Grammar for Writing Professionals at Algonquin College (distance learning).  Language has been interesting to me lately.  I’ve been reading Bill Bryson’s books on Writing and English Grammar – they’re both funny and useful!

Until Later…

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Today is the day that Brenda the real estate agent comes to do an assessment of my little apartment to figure out how much I could sell it for.  I ran home at lunch to hurl around to try to make the place look better, but really, it is what it is.  I’m Living in the place right now and I’m only thinking about selling.  Once I officially start the process, I’ll Live like I’m selling the place.   But we’re not there yet.

The Good things:

  • It is cute
  • Corner unit with breezy windows
  • Top unit
  • South West facing – lots of light – heating in the winter is not a problem.  A fan in the summer is good enough.
  • New Carpet in 2009, New patio door in 2009, New windows in 2008.  New roof in 2003, balcony painted in 2008.  Condo corporation is really on-the ball.
  • In-unit laundry.
  • Lots of kitchen cabinets
  • Overlooking the park
  • Parking space near door.
  • Quiet seniors building
  • Library, major bus route to downtown (#98), shopping.

The Bad things

  • No on-site storage unit – what is in the unit is what you get
  • White noise from the fan in the hall.  I like it because it drowns out hall noise
  • Garbage is at door
  • I need to finish painting kitchen
  • Over the garbage and entry way.  Can be a bit noisy.  Tuesday and Friday Garbage days sound like an earthquake.

I wonder what she’ll think?  It feels like I’m cheating on my house.

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I’m copying someone else who is famous for this… but I think it might make me write more.

  1. My house is a mess again.  It seems to be my default position and that is fine if I want to be a hermit, but I don’t want to be a hermit.    I let the cleaning lady lapse (didn’t call her back and she has stopped calling me) and that was dumb.  I need to invite people into my house so I am honour bound to clean for them.
  2. Someone is coming over… I’ve invited a Real Estate Agent to do a property assessment for a possible sale. 
  3. Moving?!  Yes, I’m considering moving to another town in the next year. Reason 1 – Proximity to family.   For the last 18 years (!) I’ve lived at least four hours away from family and up to seven hours away.  They’ve all got families who are important to me and I’ve decided that it might be more important to be closer to them than it is to keep slogging it out where I am.  The driving factor for me is the idea that I might be 90 minutes from everyone.  I have to also realize that it also means that they’ll be 90 minutes away (and drop-ins are possible) from me.

    Reason 2 – I think I need a change.  I’m single and alone and, a bit lonesome.  Maybe a new city will goose that situation a bit. It can’t hurt, can it?  Maybe I should do something like this.  

    Reason 3 – for a number of years it has become more and more difficult to drive away from the Lake.  Every time I return to the city I spend a moment or two looking up jobs that I could do in Myhometown, Ontario.  Unfortunately the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed will not be supported by the “salary” of a seasonal DQ scooper. But there is a city within 90 minutes that has career type places to work and pools and libraries and other family members from whom advice and a possible temporary place could be got.  Thus the plan was hatched.

  4. Reactions from family have been mixed.  Some think that it is homesickness.  Some see my point completely.  Some think it would be a great upheaval.  Some think it would be a great way to upgrade my standard of living – selling the current Chez Cara will likely finance a better Chez Cara in the new city.  They all know that I’m obsessive enough to make sure I’ve researched the heck out of it before I make any decisions. 
  5. I’m almost finished an Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi shawl for a very favourite person.  My Mom’s neighbour asked for a piece of artwork.  Art to me is EZ and I hope she likes it. 
  6. I got my first Brownie Inquiry for the year. 

A Bientot.

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I’ve lived in my dear little appartment for FIVE years now.  FIVE.  I can’t believe it.  I got a bit of money when I renegotiated my mortgage and have been spending the summer pretending that I’m moving – for me that’s the best way to make me throw stuff out.

My project list:

  1. New carpet.  The one I bought is a little bit darker than before but essentially the same – without the oil stains and crap from the previous owners.  The installers have agreed to deal with moving the big stuff around, but I’ve got to move and find places for the small stuff.
  2. Moving – but not – I bought boxes and have moved a lot of things into storage.  My plan is to only store things I’m keeping.  Three car loads to Value Villiage so far.
  3. Kitchen cupboard doors – I’ve got those nasty white melamine doors and drawers with the oak finger board on the edge.  I’m sure the person who designed them was proud of himself, but really… enough.  Mr. L is a handyman and is going to drill holes for new hardware.  I will paint out the Oak.  Cost: $80.  Not bad for avoiding a $3000 kitchen job.
  4. Since Mr. L is going to be there, I’ve asked if he’ll also address the sink tap that sprays everywhere, hang the hooks in the hall, and hang the shelves in the bedroom.  I may also think of other things too.
  5. PAINT before carpet.  And stuff out before paint.  I want to paint with the natural drop cloth of the old yucky carpet.  But I need some input on colour. 
  6. Find camera cable – I think I packed the camera cable.  Who knows which box.  Until found, no photos.
  7. New couch in (Mr. L is delivering it on Thursday) and old futon sold!  Excellent!

Who knew renovation was this much work?   But I like that I’m seeing progress.  And if you were wondering… here’s my house layout:


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