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I don’t know about you, but I was barely awake on Saturday (August 1) when the back to school ads started in earnest.  It’s a major buzz kill.  I don’t even have kids in school and the reminder that Fall is coming was just too much. 

My favourite place – somewhere in Ontario.  Photo taken last fall.  CabinWoke up in the cabin this morning.  Sigh.







I know that the marketing machine has its place but the seasons are no longer marked by Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  We’re bombarded by reminders that a certain buying season or event is coming and heaven forbid that we’ll forget.  Like we could (July 1 – Summer end of season sales; July 15 – Fall clothes hit the stores; August 1 – School/Halloween/Thanksgiving in the stores).  I wish we could live in the NOW instead of constantly anticipating what’s coming.  Do we really want our seasons be defined by marketers?

It’s just a lot to take.  I can usually tune it out, but right now I’m suffering from a big case of must-buy-a-pencil-itis.  And it is only 5 months till Christmas.  I’m so behind on my knitting schedule.  Oh the pressure!


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