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Part of my Christmas puzzle has to do with the men in my family.  I did a Google search for “handmade gifts for men” and there are many, many results but unfortunately, mostly for people like me ASKING what to make for the men in their lives.

This site has some promising ideas (geared to everyone on your list, but some really good ideas for men too). The highlight points us to the Mancala game on Knitty.   So cool!

Here are my stand bys…

Hats.  Last year I got my act together and MEASURED everyone so this year it is a matter of making them.  Innovation… if I use the short rows for the Fish Hat (Knitty), they make really simple ear flaps.   I’ve already started the first one in Paton’s Decor with Green as the base and white and blue as accents.  Quite cool.

Socks… but they don’t wear em and I can’t make them quickly.  So no.

Slippers (like the ones in my site’s header).  But dare I risk breaking my washer again?

Hm… any ideas?


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