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Long before knitting became a passion, I have to say that television was one of my first real facinations… with reading novels a close second (or tie?).  Knitting fits nicely into my television addiction because I can knit and watch shows as I go.

I’ll watch pretty much anything, except for sports (not even hockey – yeah, what kind of a Canadian am I?  I adore Olympic sports though).  And, as I live alone, I can flip channels at will.  I also obtained a PVR (like Tivo) last year so I can record shows all over the place.  So.  Very.  Cool.

On my PVR:

Big Bang Theory – I have kept every episode since December and the 2008 Christmas episode is still an all-time favourite – Sheldon is given a gift of a napkin that Leonard Nimoy had used “I have Leonard Nemoy’s DNA…I can make my own Leonard Nimoy!”. 

Bones – Showcase is showing old episodes.  We’re up to the one where Gormagon is revealed.  The mix of romance, eye candy, and smart investigative drama is very appealing.  In last night’s new episode Bones had to take Booth’s clothes for evidence and that made me very happy.

Oprah – I’ve left this on the PVR for old time’s sake.  I watch maybe one show a week from start to finish, but I find her style varies from show to show.  Often she’s spot on, but not always.   

CSI x 3.  Again, I’ve left this on for old time’s sake and more and more, I delete it without watching.  Miami and NY are watched regularly, but LV isn’t as much.  I miss Grissom. 

Survivor – On the PVR I can scoot through the boring stuff, but I always watch one of the challenges and the end to see who got booted.  Evil Russel this season has turned a corner – he’s sneaky, but he’s playing well.

America’s Next Top Model – I don’t know why I love to watch stick people get their photos taken, but anyway. 

Top Chef (noticing a reality theme?) – This is a cool show… except that it gets shown in the States a week or two earlier than here on Food Network Canada so I am trying really hard not to find out who the winner is.  Shhhh.

America’s Test Kitchen (Saturdays on PBS) – this show is a mix of science and cooking skills.  They do the mess ups for you and show you the reason a particular recipe worked.  Just bought the cook book.  Awesome!

Top Gear– Hilarious!  The three British hosts put high-performance (and not-so-high-performance) cars through the ringer on BBC Canada. 

Also: Fringe (Joshua Jackson!), V, Flash Forward, NCIS, NCIS LA, Relocation Relocation, Dollhouse (which just got cancelled), Mercy, Three Rivers (also cancelled),  Criminal Minds!, Lie to Me, So you think you can dance Canada (and US – although I’ve had enough this year), Project Runway and its sister Models of the Runway (also shown two weeks earlier in the states so very hard to not be spoiled!), and Amazing Race.

I do not watch American or Canadian Idol (I get embarrassed when people sing badly and can’t watch), or Dancing with the Stars (the music is embarrassing – see American Idol reason).

I miss: Battlestar Glactica, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicals (Brian Austin Green!) and Friends (even though because of syndication it will never go away).

Demoted from the PVR: Dr. Oz – It turns out that I’m a hypochondriac.

Yeah… I watch a lot of TV.  What do you watch that I should?


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