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Some days you’re the windshield and some days you’re the bug. Yesterday and a bit this morning, I’ve been both.

  • Bug…Yesterday, I cracked a tooth. Not painful, but that sucker is sharp.
  • Windshield. Success. I joined Weight Watchers again. I need the accountability.
  • Windshield…I found exactly THE right set of needles that I needed to continue my Shalom Cardigan from Meghan’s blog. I was working on straight needles and had just decided I couldn’t get away with the straights, so I needed circulars and got them for $2 at Value Village.  Yay!  Knitting Content!
  • Bug (but part of my anti procrastination program so good anyway) I am dealing with a plantar wart on each foot. Have been going to the Chiropodist. We tried the not painful option (to not great success) so last night I agreed to the painful option. Let me just say, it is. Any words I have to describe the feeling are not suitable to blog.  This is one big @$$ bug. 

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