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To steal a theme from the Yarn Harlot (www.yarnharlot.ca) (she did this today).  She always makes me laugh.

1. Brownies was really good tonight.  It is another testament to planning and preparation. We did “Building Up” by making towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows.  Very fun.  It also couldn’t have happened without Snowy, Spotty, & Grey Owls and Mum J coming too.  Love them for all the support and planning they do.

2.  Next week is science experiment night.  We get to make Blue Goo.  I did remind the girls to wear play clothes.

3. I’m working at home for two days.  I could get used to this.

4. I drink way too much pop.  Diet Pepsi.

5. I need to go to the pool tomorrow.  I didn’t go today – or Saturday.  Thursday’s class is going to kill me if I don’t go tomorrow.

6. I love The Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon and Leonard make me happy.

7. I think I might sell dish cloths at work.  Is $2.50 for a crocheted dish cloth reasonable?

8. Weight Watchers is going ok, but I’m not following it as well as I should.  Chocolate cake on Monday was delicious but too many points.

9. Pictures are closer to being framed correctly.  Sigh.  Now must get guts to make holes in my walls.

10. Clothes fairy dropped off yesterday.  I love it when someone fashionable decides she doesn’t want some stuff and thinks of me.

11. Finally did the Guiding paperwork that got me the bank card.  Used it today for the first time.

12. Love the Ikea globe lights so much.  This is the little one but there is a bigger one.  I think I like the little one best.

13. Wireless isn’t working.  Works for a bit and cuts out.  Have wired the thing now, but wireless was way more convenient. Any ideas?

14. J likes Colonade for Christmas.  Must figure out colour though.  But have been wanting to give it a crack so am glad to have a giftee who will wear it.

15. Have to put a bunch of stuff in storage.

16. Am I going to the Lake on Friday?  Don’t know yet.

17. Holidays are sort of figured out.  Now if only the weather people could arrange for snow after I’m finished the drive to the lake for Christmas.  If the weather people are listening, I need a clear day on Dec 18 or 19.  That’s all.  Thanks.

Ok… that’s enough.  I’m pooped and ready for bed.  Goodnight all.


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